Meetups are now digital!

Many of our MeetUps are meeting digitally on Twitch to ensure communities are able to connect while we #stayathome. Be sure to check out the Virtual MeetUps directory to see if there's one happening in your community.

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TwitchSF is San Francisco and the Bay Area's official meetup for streamers, creators, and fans to come hang out, socialize, and have fun.  Founded in 2016 as Bay Area Live, we've hosted over 35 events over the past 3 years, and we're always looking to do more!  

Streaming can be hard and solitary work.  That's why we like to host regular events to help boost enthusiasm and create a community of friends who love streaming and watching streams.  San Francisco has so many awesome opportunities to do interesting or tech-related things, so we take advantage of it.

Welcome to TwitchSF!

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