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SOLD OUT / STUDIO SHOWCASE @ Special Event Co Apex // Presented by GRELOC and Voodoo Ranger


May 14, 2022, 5:00 – 8:00 PM


About this event

SOLD OUT! Please join the wait list, and we will release tickets as they become available.

  • Tour of Special Event Co's Apex Production Studio
  • Network with studio tech professionals and local streamers, artists, moderators, content creators, and streaming enthusiasts
  • 2 Free Beer Tickets - sponsored by Voodoo Ranger
  • FREE Food - sponsored by GRELOC
  • Before / After Stream Care Tips - Skincare and Makeup How-To's - sponsored by Colette Skincare
  • Giant Board Games - sponsored by Geek & Grub Market and Triangle Game Night

  • Logitech will be there in-person showing off some of their newest gear with our local gaming community!



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Sponsors and Partnerships

Presented by: GRELOC and Voodoo Ranger

Local Partners: Extra Life Raleigh-Durham Guild


EVENT PROGRAM: Coming soon.


COVID Restrictions

We are only allowing 100 attendees for now.

We recommend wearing masks when not eating/drinking.


This entire event will be livestreamed on our Twitch page! Check us out at:

GENERAL ADMISSION (Free to the public with RSVP and proof of vaccination):

Everyone is welcome with RSVP starting at 1pm! If you are unable to create a Twitch account or have difficulties RSVPing, please contact


Email us at


Email us at to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship deck coming soon.


- Get some selfies & group photos!

- Hang out, network, & have fun!

- IRL streaming will be permitted as long as courtesy and good etiquette are shown - organizers reserve the right to change this determination at any time

- This is NOT a Twitch run event. This event is run by a community of volunteers who love Twitch and organizing events. We are powered by Twitch and recognized as an official community meetup.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Release of Liability:

Stream Raleigh, LLC is taking all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and clean environment, but there still remains the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. By attending this event, you release, absolve, and indemnify Stream Raleigh, its employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors, partners, attendees, and guests from all risks and hazards associated with the event and in the event of injury or exposure, do expressly waive all claims against them.



Saturday, May 14, 2022
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


  • mikkimarvel

    Lead Organizer

  • MajorLinux

    Community Manager

  • rare_blue_loot

    Assistant Organizer

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