Meetups are now digital!

Many of our MeetUps are meeting digitally on Twitch to ensure communities are able to connect while we #stayathome. Be sure to check out the Virtual MeetUps directory to see if there's one happening in your community.



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Established in 2017, the Edmonton Community MeetUp quickly positioned itself as the premiere destination for Twitch streamers, viewers and other content creators to gather, socialize and collaborate in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Led by our Community Manager Rebecca Deveau, she and the Hype Squad (her team of dedicated volunteers), organize two major social events per year as well as smaller monthly mini-Meets. In addition to the social events, Edmonton Community MeetUp and the Hype Squad also produce a podcast, manage a Stream Team, and lead community initiatives with fundraising for Extralife.

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There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.

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