Meetups are now digital!

Many of our MeetUps are meeting digitally on Twitch to ensure communities are able to connect while we #stayathome. Be sure to check out the Virtual MeetUps directory to see if there's one happening in your community.

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Connect with fellow broadcasters, viewers, developers and industry reps from the Boston and Greater Boston area!

Our aim is to create a welcoming community of like minded individuals. Whether you are interested in video games, creative, esports, speedrunning, music, IRL or any of the other communities of Twitch!

Share, learn, make friends and collaborate with each other in a relaxed environment.

The Boston Community MeetUp is non-profit and created by volunteers!

Learn about future events by joining our group, above, on this page, and by joining our Discord and following our Twitter!

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.


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